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For National Coming Out Day, Jonathan was interviewed for Out in Left Field and spoke about coming out to his family, being out in Hollywood, Major Crimes, and his future plans. Check it out below!

Rick Hong of AfterBuzz TV spoke to Jonathan at Major Crimes’ 100 episodes party on October 7. They talked about Major Crimes, what Jonathan will miss most about the show once it ends after the coming season, and what his future plans are.

CarterMatt attended Major Crimes’ 100 episode celebration on October 7 and took the opportunity to interview Jonathan Del Arco. They talked about his feelings about the show’s cancellation, his favorite autopsy, his plans for the future, and more. So what could be coming up for you next? I’m excited to try different roles. I would […]

Jonathan Del Arco spoke to Danielle Moody-Mills at the Democratic National Convention. Check out the brief podcast! TNT Major Crimes Star Jonathan Del Arco Discusses the ‘Desperate Hopefulness’ of This Year’s Presidential Election wokeand.com

We often see their reporters play small parts on the show, and we regularly see members of the Major Crimes cast drop by their studio for an appearance on the KTLA Morning Show. They definitely have a special relationship. Recently, they visited the Major Crimes set for a day to speak to the cast. Check […]

MajorCrimesTV.net spoke with Jonathan Del Arco and Kathe Mazur about Major Crimes and their wonderful characters. MajorCrimesTV:You guys are just about at the halfway point of filming for this season – how’s it all been going? Jonathan Del Arco: I think we’re having an amazing season this year. I feel like the work is getting […]